Fact Check: Can Neem leaves cure COVID-19?

Quick Take

A viral post on social media claims that neem leaves powder can cure coronavirus within hours. We have done a fact check and concluded that the claim is Mostly False.

The Claim

A user named amaan salam posted on Twitter claiming that Neem leaves can cure COVID-19. The post reads, “Neem leaves powder can cure corona within hours please share this video allah had blessed us with the corona vaccine.” An archived version of the post can be seen here and the tweet is embedded below.

Fact Check

Can Neem leaves help to cure COVID-19?

There is no concluding evidences to prove that Neem leaves can cure COVID-19, however some preliminary studies done show positive results.

There are a number of researches done to test the efficacy of Neem leaves on COVID-19. A study based on molecular structure of the compounds found in Neem leaves suggests that some components in the leaves may inhibit the multiplication of the virus. Another study done on the basis of various published literature suggests that home remedies including Neem Leaves may have some benefits in preventing or curing COVID-19. However, these researches were inconclusive, and further in-depth clinical research is required.

As per Dr. P Rammanohar, Research Director, Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (ĀCĀRA), “Such random claims give a false sense of protection. There is no harm in taking Neem leaves but during a pandemic, it is best to stick to scientifically proven methods of cure.”

Dr. Vimal Narayan, an official with the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India and Ministry of Ayush says, “there is still no conclusive evidence on the ability of Neem leaves to cure COVID-19. Neem leaves have other benefits though”

Do Neem leaves have other medicinal values?

Neem is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties. For long, the leaves, branches, and oil have been used in dental care. It is also effective against skin problems like acne and dandruff. Some researches have shown that Neem can also be effective against Malaria.

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