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Doctor claims ‘sweetness has nothing to do with diabetes; can be reversed with diet alone’: True or False?


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Quick Take


In what is titled as a ‘Live Experiment’, a person named Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury claims that ‘sweetness has nothing to do with diabetes’. He also claims in the same video (33:23), that only through food alone, diabetes can be reversed. He claims that this has been proved by multiple other researches in the past. He calls this ‘Food as medicine’ and suggests a diet of leafy greens, nuts and fruits alone to cure diabetes. He advises against dairy products and packaged foods. He promises blood glucose will normalise within 3 days of diet and blood pressure and even tumour will disappear on continuation of the diet. Near the end of the video Dr Biswaroop cautions that the diet he suggests cannot be combined with diabetes medicine since it will create a double effect and make blood glucose fall very low, something that can be life threatening.


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