Vitamin C, Garlic, Bitter Gourd: why you should add them to your diet now

Multiple social media posts and whatsapp messages have been floated around about various foods that can prevent or cure CoronaVirus.
Various websites have written them as completely fake. However, we take a different take to the topic and tell you why these foods are still a good bet during the time of pandemic.

We do not claim that any of these foods will cure Covid-19 – the disease caused by Novel CoronaVirus.
We claim that these foods are generally healthy and can help you build immunity. It has been proved that people will strong immunity are better off at wading off the CoronaVirus (Source: Click here)
Also, the fact that we know very little about the virus (Source: Click here) means that there are chances of many facts to be rewritten and abolished. So, healthy foods can always help.

However, immune system is not ‘one thing’ but a factor of many different components in our body including genetics, many of which are beyond our direct control. While good food has its value, social distancing as advised by the Government and experts are primary ways to fight the current situation.

So here is a list of foods that we think fact checkers have written off but can still be beneficial to fight Covid-19

Vitamin C

Claim: Vitamin C can help kill CoronaVirus
Fact Check Result by POLITIFACT: False (Click Here)

Our Take: It may not kill CoronaVirus but it can certainly help strengthening your immunity. Just don’t overdo it.

A lot of facebook posts have claimed that Vitamin C can kill CoronaVirus. Most of these claims are made by fake personalities and are originated from dubious sources. Many fact checking organizations have proved these messages to be “Fake”. While these messages are fake beyond doubt on the basis of their origin, the question “Can Vitamin C help us fight Covid-19?” has been written off only on the basis of “Not much information available at the moment”.

Vitamin C has been proven to be helpful in building stronger immunity (Source: Click here). And stronger immunity has been said to help in fighting against Novel CoronaVirus.

In fact, as per a latest report in New York Post, doctors are treating critical CoronaVirus patients with high dosage of Vitamin C. (Source: Click here)

This does not mean that one should start taking high amount of Vitamin C to fight CoronaVirus. Human body needs around 65 to 90 milligrams (mg) a day of Vitamin C daily and that should be sufficient enough. As per Mayo Clinic, “For most people, an orange or a cup of strawberries, chopped red pepper, or broccoli provides enough vitamin C for the day.”


Claim: Boiled garlic water can kill CoronaVirus
Fact Check by Snopes: False (Click here)

Our Take: Boiled garlic water sounds yucky. But chew a clove daily nevertheless. Garlic has been proven to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It can help you to stay safe against common cold and flu which also happens in this season.

The rumor about garlic had been so strong on social media that even World Health Organization (WHO) was forced to put out a declaration about it as below:

Source: Click Here

Garlic is proven to be very effective against a lot of bacteria and viruses that affect our health including certain types of CoronaViruses (Source: Click here) and helps our immunity system to fight germs (Source: Click here). Some researches have also shown that garlic reduces the severity of cold and flu (Source: Click here).

So, can Garlic help you against novel CoronaVirus? So far, “there is no evidence”. And we will believe it too unless medically proven. But, since we do not know much about the Novel Coronavirus at the moment and since otherwise garlic has proven to be helpful against multiple viruses, we believe chewing a clove daily won’t hurt.

Bitter Gourd

Claim: Bitter Gourd kills CoronaVirus
Fact Check by Vishvas News: False (Click here)

Our Take: Have a glass of bitter gourd juice daily, especially if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. People with diabetes are among those high risk categories that can have serious illness if they get the virus. Bitter Gourd keeps your blood sugar in control.

Our understanding of the Novel CoronaVirus is still evolving but experts have already categorized people with underlying diseases like diabetes as high risk patients. The International Diabetes Federation, has already recommended that “people with diabetes plan ahead of time what to do before they get ill.” (Source: Click here)

Bitter gourd has proved to be an effective dietary supplement to keep the blood sugar in control especially for Type 2 diabetic patients (Source: Click here and Click here). A study shows that 2000mg/day of bitter gourd juice for 4 weeks led to a modest reduction of blood sugar level for the subjects (Source: Click here). So, a glass of bitter gourd juice may not protect you against CoronaVirus, but it will surely help you to control your existing disease and reduce the risk factors. But please do not overdo. If you suffer from low blood sugar conditions or if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before adding bitter gourd to your diet.

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