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Can stress cause obesity?

Long-term stress can cause certain biochemical changes in the body that trigger cravings for food and lead to weight gain. As per researchers, hormones play...

Can stress cause a loss in weight?

Chronic stress can cause a change in your weight. It can lead to both increase or decrease in weight. People react to stress differently...

What is the difference between anxiety and stress?

Stress is body’s reaction or response to any kind of demand or pressures you feel in life. Anxiety is a symptom caused due to...

How can you cure stress?

In today’s high pressure lifestyle, it is difficult to steer clear from stress completely. While stress, in moderation, can push you to perform better,...

Can stress be beneficial?

Stress is not always bad, it can be beneficial too. Sometimes, you may discover that you perform well on days when you are stressed. Moderate levels...

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