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Fact Check: Do Paracetamol P-500 tablets contain deadly virus named ‘Machupo’?

A message is doing rounds across social media advising readers to avoid consuming paracetamol tablets with P-500 written on it. The message claims that P500 contains a deadly virus named Machupo Virus. We Fact Check the truth behind the claim.

Tweet claims diabetes cured in 2 days: Is it possible?

A homeopathy doctor in Agra claims that he can cure diabetes in 2 days. We fact check the truth of the claim.

Fact Check: The message claiming IMITINEF MERCILET cures blood cancer is misleading

A social media message claims that the medicine Imitinef Mercilet cures Blood Cancer. We find out the truth about the claim.

Hot coconut water cures cancer?

Coconut water is undoubtedly good for health. But can it cure cancer, especially when you boil it? We fact check.

Fact Check: Images showing new killer insect spreading virus in humans is fake

Quick Take A post is doing rounds on social media warning people about a “new killer insect” that transmits virus in humans who come in...

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