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Fact Check: COVID means ‘Certificate Of Identification Of Vaccination With Artificial Intelligence’?

A Twitter post has claimed that the full form of COVID is ‘Certificate Of Identification Of Vaccination With Artificial Intelligence’. This is a False claim. Know how viruses are named by WHO

The message about ‘Coronavirus does not settle in the air’ is not from UNICEF

Quick Take An image has been put up on Facebook by a page posing as...

Fact Check: WHO says Social distancing, Masks no more needed

A series of social media posts have erupted on social media claiming that the World Health Organization has said that Social distancing and masks are not required since Asymptotic corona patients no longer transmit the disease. We investigated and found that all these posts are misinterpreted from a comment made by a WHO official, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, in a press conference in June 8 where she said asymptotic Coronavirus patients do not spread the disease. BUT, on following day, she has clarified her comment saying "it was taken out of context" and emphasized on the need to wear masks. WHO also has not changed their official recommendation related to social distancing norms. Because of that, we term these claims as false.

Fact Check: Viral Bengali WhatsApp advisory from Dr. Devi Shetty about how to stay protected from Coronavirus

A viral WhatsApp message in Bengali is in circulation that puts across a 22 point advisory about 'what to do over next several months to prevent yourself from Coronavirus'. The message claims that the advisory is from Dr. Devi Shetty. We Fact Check

Cabbage and Coronavirus: Did WHO give a guideline?

Quick Take A post doing rounds on social media about World Health Organization (WHO) issuing...

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Interview with Prof. Dr. K. Kanakavalli, Director General, CCRS

Nearly 8,000 Covid patients cured through Siddha medicine in Tamil Nadu - the recent headline in a recent newspaper probably needs a...

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