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Fact Check: Conspiracy theory audio message allegedly from Maharastra MLA Geeta Jain about COVID testing

An audio message is being circulated with the photo of a MLA Geeta Jain from Maharashtra implying that the message is from the elected representative. The audio is a two minute long message on conspiracy theory about the COVID-19 test and the politics around it. The message asks users to not get tests done and resort only to home treatment. We investigated and found that the message is false.

Coronavirus losing potency: WHO didn’t say it but some other scientist did

We received a WhatsApp forward in our helpline about a particular facebook post claiming that World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a circular saying Coronavirus is becoming less potent.

FabiFlu vs Livfavir: The price difference message is fake

A viral message on facebook claims that while FabiFlu, the recently launched medicine by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals for treatment of COVID-19, is priced at Rs. 103 per tablet; Livfavir, manufactured by Livealth Biopharma, is a drug of similar composition and is much cheaper. We investigated and found that message is mostly false.

This viral audio about coronavirus testing is fake and dangerous

Quick Take A audio clip is going viral on social media platforms. The audio explains...

Has Israel already discovered a COVID-19 vaccine?

Quick Take A post claiming that scientists in Israel have discovered vaccine of novel coronavirus...

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