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Does gestational diabetes cause nausea?

Mild nausea is a symptom of gestational diabetes. However, nausea during pregnancy can happen due to many other reasons. It is not advisable to...

How frequently should I have blood glucose tests if I have gestational diabetes?

If you have gestational diabetes, your doctor will recommend frequent check-ups, especially in your last three months of pregnancy. During these check-ups, your doctor...

Is gestational diabetes genetic?

Your chances of developing gestational diabetes increase if an immediate family member, such as a parent or sibling, had gestational diabetes or has been...

What kind of weight gain should I expect with gestational diabetes?

Increase in weight is normal during pregnancy. However, if you have an uncontrolled weight increase due to wrong food choices, chances of gestational diabetes...

Can I eat pizza during gestational diabetes?

No, you should not eat pizza or any other junk food if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy. Even 2 slices...

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