Team Editorial

Team Editorial
The internal editorial team of THIP Media is responsible for researchimg, writing, rewriting, editing content and also liaisoning with expert medical professionals to get the content reviewed or co-authored. Check out the members of the Internal Editorial Team on our Team Page.

Can having Vitamin D deficiency hurt my sexual health?

Vitamin D plays a key role in improving the sexual health of both men and women. As per a study published in the Journal...

Can Vitamin D deficiency cause menstrual problems in young women?

The deficiency of Vitamin D may affect the length of menstrual cycle in young women. Irregular menstrual cycle delays pregnancy and may affect ovulation....

Can dark skin lead to Vitamin D deficiency?

Yes, people with darker skin are at a higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency because the pigment (melanin) in darker skin does not absorb...

Can alcohol cause a lack of Vitamin D in our body?

Heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to the deficiency of Vitamin D, a nutrient that helps in building and maintaining strong bones. Vitamin D is...

Does Folic Acid help in lowering blood pressure?

What is Folic Acid? Folic Acid (also known as Folate or Vitamin B9) is a type of Vitamin. Folic acid helps the body produce and...

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