A content research professional she has over 12 years of work experience managing content and research for multiple blue chip companies including Accenture, Evalueserve and Economic Times. At THIP, she manages secondary research and fact finding.

Can Coconut oil prevent from Dengue mosquito bites?

A viral social media message claims that applying coconut oil on your legs will prevent you from mosquito bites and thereby Dengue. We fact check the claim.

If mosquitoes can carry Dengue virus, will they be able to carry Coronavirus too?

A twitter user advises people to be careful about mosquito bites because it can spread Covid-19. We fact check.

Drinking hot water can kill coronavirus causing Covid-19?

A social media post claims that the Coronavirus, after entering the body stays in the throat for 4 days. Drinking water or gurgling with hot water mixed with salt or vinegar will kill the virus at that stage. We fact check.

Drinking cold water doesn’t cause Cancer but drinking hot water has its own benefits

Does cold water cause cancer? Multiple posts across social media claims that drinking cold water after meals cause cancer. We fact check.

Kalonji cures Covid19: Misleading claims based on some true facts

Social media posts and whatsapp messages claim that kalonji or nigella seeds contain hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug being used to fight the novel Coronavirus. We Fact Check.

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